6 Week Beginner Course starting January 24th

by Urb@nComb@t

Violence is unpredictable. You don’t get to choose where, when, how, why or who is attacking you. But you can choose to be equipped with a response as unexpected as the attack itself. Have you ever wanted to be able to walk around with the confidence of having a legitimate martial arts skill set that actually WORKS in the real world? Stop procrastinating!

Try our 6-week beginner course starting on January 24th. Zero prior experience needed. This course is strictly for brand new practitioners and will focus on learning the core components of our street-oriented, self OFFENSE fighting system. With ICE you’ll learn how to think and fight DIFFERENTLY. Nothing fancy. Just the simple and highly effective stuff that really works. 

Benefits of joining this course:

  • REAL confidence (not just talking about it)
  • Legit fighting skills to protect yourself and your family
  • Meet other men and women in the community
  • Get a solid and functional workout
  • Take a break from the kiddos
  • Zero prior experience needed

This 6-week beginner course starts on January 24th at ICE Martial Arts in Newbury Park. Classes are Thursday nights at 6:45 pm. Total cost is $169 which includes all 6 classes plus an ICE Urban Combat training shirt and RevGear Focus Mitts for training drills. Or join with a friend and save $30 ($139 for the second person)! Classes run approximately 60-75 minutes. Bring water or a sports drink to hydrate during short breaks.

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Self defense? No thanks. We don’t believe in the passive mentality of being a victim. This is self OFFENSE. Empower yourself with the mental and physical tools necessary to gain a definitive ADVANTAGE over the attacker. And work up a great sweat while doing it! Get your street-practical martial arts training started ASAP! 

For more info, email us back or call/text us any time at 310-910-3137.

Our mission…

“To prepare people with the physical and mental tools they need to quickly and decisively protect themselves and their loved ones from any street altercation or violent attack. This is NOT Karate. This is NOT Taekwondo. This is NOT sport martial art. Rather, we offer an innovative, hybrid blend of efficient martial arts specifically designed for real-world application and self-protection. At ICE, we train to think and fight DIFFERENTLY. And through the adventurous and fulfilling road of training our minds and bodies, we find ourselves having the capability to maximize our own potential in all areas of life, not just martial arts, therefore significantly bettering ourselves as individuals. Together, we evolve.”

Check out our YouTube channel to see samples of what you’ll be doing in our classes click here: www.youtube.com/user/ICEurbancombat.

We look forward to training with you soon!

-ICE Team