Glossary Terms


The principle of Interception is perhaps the most important concept and mechanical advantage in the ICE Urban Combat fighting system. This principle is drawn directly from Bruce Lee and his revolutionary philosophy regarding martial arts and real street combat. It is highlighted in the fact that his ground-breaking martial art, called Jeet Kune Do, literally means “Way of the Intercepting Fist.” Most styles of martial arts employ a “block and then counter” philosophy. Then there are some styles, such as Krav Maga, that go a step further by using the “block and counter at the same time” method. Interception goes beyond. To intercept literally means to stop, to seize, or to interrupt in progress before arrival. Intercepting your opponents attack will prevent, hinder and completely shut down the threat before it ever really develops. This means there is no need for blocking at all. Bottom line is this: if you are blocking, then you are losing. Interception is a highly rare and valuable training principle that, when applied, will negate even the most drastic of size disadvantages. Interception gives you an edge right from the start. ICE Urban Combat will teach you how to skillfully apply this ground-breaking mechanical advantage in any scenario.


When we talk about Efficiency, we are speaking of the ability to accomplish a task without anything being wasted. What does this mean in the realm of fighting? Simply put, you must make your move in the most productive way possible, without wasting any unnecessary time or space. This could apply to the movement itself and/or the amount of time it takes to make the movement. For example, in throwing a straight punch to the opponent’s head, the shortest distance between your fist and the target is none other than a perfectly straight line. You must go from point A to point B in exactly one move, without telegraphing or cocking back your hand first. This is Efficiency of movement. But you must also begin point A as quickly as possible. It will do you no good to have a perfectly straight punch if it took you too long to react and even begin to fire off the punch. This is Efficiency of time. Our system is drenched in Efficiency. Everything we do, even to the smallest of details, is done in the most efficient manner possible. What does this mean for you? A fighting system, governed purely by science, operating at a level that is drastically ahead of its time.

Mechanical Advantage

What do we mean when we say Mechanical Advantage? We are referring to the mechanical applications of science in our fighting system. We do things as if they are being done by a machine, seemingly uninfluenced by the mind or emotions. These are the working, technical advantages that set our system apart from all others. Our mechanical advantages are instinctual, involuntary and automatic. They are the building blocks that make up the science of our fighting system. Some of these advantages include our Power Lead Stance, Vertical Fist Punching, Interception, Total Efficiency, Manipulating Handles, Dissolving Energy, Smothering Trapping, Non-Intention and more. The numerous Mechanical Advantages of ICE Urban Combat provide you with all the tools you need to obliterate your opponent, regardless of his size, strength, aggression, pain tolerance or skill level.

Power Stance

Power Stance (also called Strong Lead) means putting your dominant arm and dominant leg in the front and your weaker limbs behind them. This particular mechanical advantage is contrary to all other martial arts styles that typically operate out of a traditional Western Stance, which places the stronger arm and stronger leg in the back. Our Power Stance enables your more powerful limbs to be closer to the opponent, thus allowing them to be used more quickly. It also allows your weaker limbs to generate much more power due to the fact that they are traveling from a greater distance, therefore creating more momentum. The end result? The Power Stance gives you knockout power in both arms and both legs.


The acronym “ICE” stands for Iron Circle Encore. This stems from our original training center, Iron Circle Martial Arts, located near Los Angeles, CA. We chose the word “Encore” for its meaning: a demand for repetition or reappearance made by an audience. Due to the effectiveness of our fighting system and the rare, highly coveted second generation Bruce Lee lineage we possess, people all over the world have pleaded for us to go global. We have finally answered the call.


Think about the Handle on a tea cup. When you move the Handle the whole tea cup moves. This same concept can be applied to the human body. When a part of the body is stabilized or flexed stiff from muscular contraction, it then becomes the lever by which the entire body can be moved and controlled. The ability to both take advantage of the opponent’s Handles as well as not creating Handles of your own is a mechanical advantage specific to the science of ICE Urban Combat. We utilize hyper-acute sensitivity training drills to develop this highly effective skill.


Trapping means to detain or immobilize a part of the body. For example, simply stepping on a person’s foot could be considered trapping, although not very productive. Effective trapping means to detain or immobilize a part of the body in order to more quickly destroy the opponent and end the fight. For this reason, our system contains a small group of tried and tested, skillful trapping tools designed to give you precision and power when smothering your opponent. The mechanical advantages in our Trapping will give you a huge edge in the punching, clinch and ground fighting ranges.

Waist Torque

Waist Torque refers to the twisting or shifting of your hips in order to gain power in your strikes, joint locks, trapping, etc. Waist Torque enables you to utilize gravity and your body weight to create centrifugal force. This is vastly superior to relying on pure muscular strength alone. Waist Torque is an absolute necessity in the ICE Urban Combat fighting system.

Dissolving Energy

Dissolving Energy is one of the most important mechanical advantages involved in the ICE Urban Combat fighting system. It refers to your body’s ability to accept or give way to heavy “energy” or force. This skill is derived not only from our Jeet Kune Do influence, but also a great deal from our Aiki-Ju-Jitsu background. The ability to “fit in” or go with your opponent’s line of force enables you to not only avoid utilizing strength (which will not work) against a large person, but it also puts you in position to instantly regain the advantage in the fight. There are some martial arts that incorporate similar types of Dissolving Energy, but nobody uses it as aggressively as we do. This particular skill is developed primarily through our sensitivity/energy training drills.

Moment of a Couple

Moment of a Couple refers to the creation of two opposing forces applied at the same time. This principle is mostly prevalent in joint manipulation and base destruction. By applying force in two opposing directions simultaneously, you are able to use leverage to powerfully sink in joint locks as well as destroy the base of your opponent. This is a critical principle that will give you the edge against much larger opponents.

Change of Direction

The Change of Direction principle is a simple yet very effective attribute to your skill set. This concept calls for the instant and urgent changing of directional force against your opponent. For example, if you are moving your opponent in a particular direction, and he then fights or resists against that direction, you must immediately give way and change the direction in order to continue to destroy his base and dominate the fight. Not surprisingly, Change of Direction and Dissolving Energy are interconnected concepts at ICE Urban Combat.