Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Training

ICE Urban Combat instructors will travel to you! Our instructor team offers private and group lessons, seminars, workshops and other events, locally as well as outside of the Los Angeles area training facility. To get information regarding pricing and scheduling, contact us at or call us at 805-376-8292.

“What personally impressed me the most with ICE was the high quality of teaching and time management. Classes were extremely focused and students are able to walk out of the class with skills and techniques that they can apply immediately. The teacher to student ratio was excellent to ensure that students were getting the proper attention they needed. Even though the class was composed of people from veteran martial artists to absolute beginners, the instructors were able to make sure that each student was able to learn the skill properly and also be able to offer variations to the more advanced students. I was very happy to see the ICE instructors actively making sure that people were using minimal force to prevent injury in joint manipulation. Many black belts from jujitsu schools I have visited often had wrist and knee injuries and scar tissue that never fully healed even after surgery, all from class practice accidents. The break up of the class into three smaller rotating groups each being taught a different fundamental skill was a brilliant way to teach several skills while maintaining this teacher to student ratio. In other words, both quality and quantity were optimally attained.

Secondly, the focus on principle versus form was fundamentally important and I like how the instructors would point out how techniques needed to be adjusted for different situations, and more importantly — show these variations. This is superior to how many schools only teach one punch / kick / grab counter when in an actual confrontation fluidity and adaptability are more important. Instead of a hundred different forms being taught, only a few are reviewed with high attention to key technical details and structure. Partner training was efficient and allowed proper development of fundamental timing and spacing. I felt my partner and I both had enough time to actually practice the counter, instead of being rushed to another technique because of limited class time like other schools I have attended. A key reason is that ICE techniques are very direct, usually finishing an opponent in one to three moves compared to other schools that may require five to six movements.

I would highly recommend ICE to anyone interested in protecting themselves or their loved ones.”

Ray Chang California