Learn Jeet Kune Do from Professionals

by Urb@nComb@t

Learn jeet kune doJeet Kune Do is a unique art that Bruce Lee gave us; however, there are few places that you can trust for proper Jeet Kune Do training. There are many misleading stories about the instructors who claimed to have trained under the proteges of Bruce Lee. He had only one true instructor and only a handful of proteges. Two of his most respected proteges were Patrick Strong and Jerry Poteet. Brandon and Jared Schmelter of ICE Urban Combat have trained under both Patrick Strong and Jerry Poteet and with their first-class insight of Bruce Lee’s art they can provide you with authentic Jeet Kune Do training.

Bruce Lee had only one true instructor, his Wing Chun teacher Yip Man. Bruce Lee mastered Wing Chun and with his studies in kinesiology, streamlined the art into Jeet Kune Do. He cut out all the unnecessary movements that wasted energy, taking martial arts to another level. Through the genius of Bruce Lee, from a defensive, survival-minded art was born an offensive, cut to the chase, lethal art. This does not mean to become the instigator but rather flip the table when hunted and become the hunter. To Bruce Lee, if you were defending you were playing catch up. The goal of Jeet Kune Do was to flip the switch and become the aggressor and overpower your opponent under any circumstance. Bruce Lee’s art turned defense to offense, which is truly unique.

Authentic Jeet Kune Do training is a rare blessing and the instruction Brandon and Jared Schmelter of ICE Urban Combat can provide is unparalleled. The instructors carry on the intent of his art: To adapt and evolve to overcome. While Bruce Lee’s life tragically ended early, his work was not yet finished. We are grateful he imparted his wisdom onto his proteges and from two of the most esteemed, Patrick Strong and Jerry Poteet, Brandon and Jared of ICE have garnered the knowledge of the legend.

In the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame teaching careers, and through their studies and indulgence in the martial arts realm, they have continued the work of Bruce Lee and thrive off providing others their one-of-a-kind Jeet Kune Do training. Nowhere else will you find a more evolved form of martial arts than the Jeet Kune Do taught by ICE instructors Brandon and Jared. With ICE, you are able to learn Jeet kune do from true professionals.

Though there are many who claim to teach Bruce Lee’s methods, only from ICE Urban Combat will you receive the highest, most authentic and complete form of Jeet Kune Do. For a limited time now, you can get your Jeet Kune Do training through videos jump-started for an absurdly low price. Learn to change defense to offense with ICE’s Elite video training.