Learning Jeet Kune Do – An Efficient Street Fighting Skill

by Urb@nComb@t

There are various forms of martial arts with different skill sets. Some people prefer to master just one while others prefer to learn a variety of forms and techniques. If you are a student at one of the Jeet Kune Do schools Los Angeles you will be learning a modified art form that combines skills from different forms of martial arts.

The art form of Jeet kune do (which means way of the intercepting fist) was first created in 1967 by Bruce Lee. The art form itself is a scientific approach to street fighting and it is meant to be useful in real life situations. The art form was originally focused on a form of Wing Chun, but also combined principles from Western fencing and boxing. The modern day form has advanced from the original form and now includes philosophies, skills, techniques and training methods from a variety of martial arts disciplines.

Students of the Jeet Kune Do schools Los Angeles will learn that this art form does not focus on just one skill set. This particular art form has developed into one that uses whatever is efficient and works at the time. This allows the art form to change with the user depending on the situation they are in at the time. Students will learn that a fighter needs to be able to adapt to any situation or opponent and that is why they may need to use skills from a variety of disciplines.

Every student gets into martial arts for their own reasons. Students who chose to study Jeet Kune Do will be studying an art form that is quick, powerful, direct, simple yet deceptive and very non-classical. These are the exact qualities that make learning this particular art form so appealing to many of the students who choose to learn it.