5 Reasons to Learn Self Defense

by Urb@nComb@t

Online Self Defense

Online Self Defense

Are you one of the many people searching for the right system of martial arts training? Are you one of the many people that do not know which one to choose? If you are, your search for online self defense ends here…and here are five reasons to start your martial arts training today:

  1. The ICE Urban Combat online self defense system is the most scientifically advanced martial arts regimen in the world. We have spent countless hours over the past 25 years perfecting our system so that it works for any student against any real world attacker in any situation. Our system of martial art took the very best that Aiki-Ju-Jitsu had to offer, whittled away any inessentials, and then combined it with the deadly art of Jeet Kune Do. This is the most simplistic, competent, and efficiently violent form of self defense in the world.
  2. Our online program does not cater to any specific type of student or any demographic. It is proven to work in its entirety for all students, man, woman, child, athletic, out of shape, thin, short, tall and so on. None of our techniques rely on power or strength to be successful. Everything is delivered through an advanced system of mechanical advantages that promise to give you an edge in a real-world, violent altercation.
  3. ICE Urban Combat offers a complete online self defense training program. Our online martial arts training center doesn’t just stop at instructional videos, like most of our competition. Instead, we also provide more training tools and resources than you will get at most brick and mortar schools! The online school is self paced and allows students as much or as little repetition as needed. Each student can progress based on their own schedule and based on their own skill level.
  4. The ICE Urban Combat school of self defense is perfect for any student with a busy work schedule and a busy life. The convenience of our virtual center is unparalleled. Students can learn and progress in the comfort of their own homes and not have to waste time and money commuting to a physical location. Not only can friends team up to learn and train together, but parents can train at home together with their spouses and even their children! This a family activity with benefits that go well beyond just having fun.
  5. For a limited time only, ICE Urban Combat is offering our world renowned, complete, Elite 3-month program for the ridiculously low price of only $59! This deal even includes coaching from expert ICE instructors. Don’t miss out… join the movement today!

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When you learn Online Self Defense from ICE Urban Combat, you’ll have the confidence that you can end a street fight in five seconds or less.