Forget Self Defense. This is Self Offense.

Joint Locks to Quick Finishes

Large Arm Locks: The Basics

Interception Striking

Body Positioning and Mobility

Destroying Barriers: Power Trapping

Aggressive Punch Evasion

Dominating with the Lead Hand

Intercepting with the Hook Punch

Utilizing Close Range Elbows

Cross Arm Bar From Your Back

Offense from your Back

Hip Throws: The Basics

Learn Martial Arts Self Defense Classes for Women & Men

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What would you do in a real street fight? Could you protect yourself and your loved ones from harm?

The streets aren’t safe. And these days, it’s not enough to know a few moves. You need a tested fighting system that gives you the upper hand if you find yourself in a fight in Los Angeles. A fighting system on steroids. Welcome to ICE Urban Combat. This is the science of street fighting.

At our renowned LA facility we’ve helped thousands of individuals gain real fighting confidence and feel in control on the streets. We’re located in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks. Now, you can get ICE Urban Combat — the world’s most effective fighting system — anytime, anywhere. Attend our self defense classes for women & men and see the difference.

Anyone can learn this system!

No other martial arts or self-defense system compares!

Work online at your own pace with easy to follow videos and course guides, and get one-on-one access to expert ICE instructors on this one-of-a-kind self-defense course.

Learn why ICE Urban Combat is the most efficient fighting system in the world. Learn more!

Learn Today!

As an ICE Urban Combat member, you’ll learn:

  • How to immediately gain the advantage in a real street fight.
  • How to develop efficient striking that will violently and abruptly end any altercation.
  • How to fight in all positions, from standing to the ground.
  • How to develop explosive speed and destructive power with pinpoint accuracy and precision.
  • And more!

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Have you been toying with the idea of learning practical martial arts skills that actually WORK in the real world? Stop procrastinating! Try our 6-week beginner course starting August 6th. Zero prior experience needed. This course is strictly for brand new practitioners and will focus on learning the core components of our street-oriented, self OFFENSE fighting system. With ICE you’ll learn how to think and fight DIFFERENTLY. Nothing fancy. Just the highly effective stuff that really works. Benefits of joining: REAL confidence (not just talking about it) Legit fighting skills to protect yourself and your family Meet other men and...

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The month of May is only halfway over and we’re still celebrating all the mothers out there. Calling all MOMS! Join ICE Martial Arts by May 31st and get 50% off membership prices! Benefits of joining: REAL empowerment (not just talking about it) Legit skills to protect yourself and your family Meet other men and women in the community Get a solid workout Take a break from the kiddos Zero prior experience needed This discount is good on any and all membership types: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and even 12 months. Yes that’s right. 50% off all...

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What is the best martial art for self defense? This is a hot debate, one which invokes passionate opinions from martial artists all around the world. There are literally thousands of martial artstyles, systems and philosophies. But are they all great? Not likely. While some styles may provide small self defense benefits, the reality is that the majority of them are not practicaland don’t translate to today’s current society whatsoever. But why is this? After all, “martial” literally means: relating to or suited for a war. Therefore if an art or style isn’t suited for combat or fit to be effective in handling real...

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For more information or to get your FREE training started, email or call 310-910-3137.

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Give yourself an edge! Join us on October 17th and learn how to throw destructive punches designed to quickly and abruptly end a street altercation or violent attack. Some people can hit fast. Some can hit hard. But few can do BOTH with total efficiency. We can. ICE Urban Combat will teach you how. Our explosive punching is one of the things that has given us a name and with very good reason. You don’t need to be big or strong. You don’t need to be a great athlete. You just need a willingness to learn and sweat a...

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martial arts los angeles, martial arts san diego, self defense classes for women, martial arts america, self defense classes san diegoLearn the secrets of the ICE Urban Combat system

  • Find out why blocking is not a good idea in a street-fight.
  • Develop destructive low-line kicks that will fold people in half.
  • Learn how to trap to dominate in close-range.
  • Learn how to smother a knife attacker, rendering him completely useless.
  • Unveil the best physical weapon your body has to offer.

Our simple and practical techniques give you a mechanical advantage over your attacker, regardless of his size, strength or fighting skills. This approach allows you to shut down your opponent and end a fight in 5 seconds or less!