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jared schmelter martial arts trainingFar too many people are under the illusion that they are getting what they need from their martial arts training in order to defend themselves and their loved ones in the event of a violent altercation. All across the globe, teachers, “certified” instructors and even “masters” with numerous stripes on their black belts bear a facade of knowledge and sell self-defense in the form of katas and out-dated philosophies and techniques. They teach tradition rather than practicality, dazzle rather than efficiency and fancy rather than physics. Only from ICE Urban Combat will you get martial arts training in the most simplistic, effective and scientific form possible.

ICE Urban Combat creators, Brandon and Jared Schmelter, have spent their entire lives immersed in the world of martial arts. They have learned firsthand what does and does not work in a physical altercation. Beginning their training at the age of four, they credit their father, Bobby D. Schmelter, with involving them in martial arts and sparking their careers. The Schmelters spent years learning the deadly art of Jeet Kune Do while training under top Bruce Lee protégés Patrick Strong and Jerry Poteet. Jeet Kune Do, coupled with the physics-oriented art of Aiki-ju-jitsu, delivers the world’s most evolved fighting system ever. Brandon and Jared of ICE Urban Combat now offer you martial arts training in its most cutting-edge and advanced form.

Considering its foundation in science and its extreme efficiency, you would think the training content is extremely difficult and takes a lot of time to learn. This is not so! The beauty of the instruction you receive from ICE is in the conveyance of Bruce Lee’s goal: find the most simple and effective way to end the fight. Brandon and Jared have spent their entire lives perfecting and evolving Bruce Lee’s art. They continue to pass on his ideology of simplicity and efficiency in the martial arts training they provide. With ICE Urban Combat, you will learn simple principles that can be applied in every situation rather than a convoluted array of techniques that must be memorized for each unique circumstance. Could simplicity really be the answer to ending a violent altercation? Yes. ICE instructors Brandon and Jared Schmelter will show you how in their video lessons.

It’s easy to put “self-defense” on a poster or website for advertisement and offer martial arts training under such a phony sales pitch. In many cases it is even easy to wear a black belt. There are thousands of martial arts schools that just require attendance and some curriculum memorization… basically paying for your belt. ICE Urban Combat doesn’t offer belts. We offer knowledge of and training in the most advanced fighting system in the world. And for a limited time, you can receive martial arts training videos from ICE at a ridiculously low rate and be on your way to learning the simple principles that may save your life.

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  1. Bryant Little says:

    I was really moved by: use what works, not memberizing. Your servicess might be expensive but what isnt , I’m learning something that actually pays me back (I.e. my life and my earnings) I get to KEEP what’s mine and that’s excellent for me. You are the first website for online lessons and I got a lucky pick with you guys. I want to know when and how to get starte.

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