ICE “Hollywood Hangout”

by Urb@nComb@t

ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts co-creators, Brandon and Jared Schmelter, will be in the Hollywood, CA area next Friday, May 18, for the ICE “Hollywood Hangout.” Brandon and Jared will be there in the afternoon and will post via Twitter and Facebook for exact locations. During the “Hollywood Hangout” Brandon and Jared have been known to give out free stuff, and sometimes even FREE memberships to our online martial arts training center. Check back on our social media to see where we will be and join us…Brandon and Jared promise a great time, free handouts, and horrifically awkward “urban conversations!!!” The ICE “Hollywood Hangouts” are a way for ICE staff to speak with our local fans and students and a good excuse to give out free stuff. And…the first person to say the phrase “The science of street fighting” during the “hangout” hours will receive a FREE three month membership to our online martial arts training center. So mark it on your calendars and join us.

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  1. chris jacobson says:

    I’ll be there all day!!! I live there.

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