Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles Online Training

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Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles

Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles

Want to learn the devastating and deadly martial art that Bruce Lee introduced to the world? Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles is available to you conveniently through ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts online training programs. Finding a Jeet Kune Do school in Los Angeles is extremely difficult. It is hard to decipher which schools offer authentic Jeet Kune Do and which ones are frauds teaching watered-down nonsense. Luckily for you, ICE Urban Combat innovators and brothers, Brandon and Jared Schmelter, teach in the Los Angeles area and have been trained by top Bruce Lee protégés Patrick Strong and Jerry Poteet. The Schmelter brothers have worked since the late 90s with lifelong teacher, writer, and school owner, Bobby D. Schmelter, to build and grow their Los Angeles area school, Iron Circle Martial Arts. This highly acclaimed training facility is home to the only authentic Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles training around. Along with their father, the Schmelter brothers have empowered thousands of individuals over the years with the tools and confidence needed to protect themselves in any violent street altercation. And now their training programs are available, not only for residents of the Los Angeles area, but for people all over the world through their online training center at

The advantages to the ICE training programs are countless. Why settle for most of the garbage that’s out there: second rate instruction from second rate instructors while paying outrageous monthly tuition rates? The ICE Urban Combat Jeet Kune Do Los Angeles training programs offer students all over the world an inexpensive way to get the best training anywhere from instructors who have been in the field for over 25 years. For a limited time, ICE Urban Combat is offering the complete 3-month training program for only $59! That’s right, only $59. Most martial arts training facilities charge well over $150 per month to take classes. Often times you are being taught by someone who gained his or her teaching role in a matter of a few years. At the ICE Online Training Center, you only receive instruction from our veteran expert instructors, whom have spent over 25 years teaching, learning, training, experimenting and testing our proven system of street combat training. Our membership programs offer a wide range of training options including monthly, 3-month, and even VIP options that include group classes at our Southern California training facility. Our students receive feedback from ICE instructors via Skype video conferencing to ensure improvement and advancement.

Most people these days don’t have very much time or money to spare. At ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts we recognize that both are valuable to our students. That is why you should not waste either your time or your money with other systems of self defense. We have already done the research for you! Our system of Jeet Kune Do is the only system that can completely train and prepare every student for a real-life, violent street altercation. Check out our membership options here Join the movement today and gain a level of skill and self-confidence you never thought possible.

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When you learn from ICE Urban Combat, you’ll have the confidence that you can end a street fight in five seconds or less.