Martial Arts Lessons Focused on the Individual

by Urb@nComb@t

Martial Arts Lessons

Martial Arts Lessons

Martial arts lessons and self defense training are often so restricted by tradition, form and out-dated techniques. In today’s world, a martial arts system needs to be able to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. Everybody learns and trains differently to build their skill and hone their techniques. Martial arts lessons should be geared to this mindset, but unfortunately most are not.

ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts is a ground-breaking, totally complete and efficient fighting system that is engineered and designed for the individual. Our system of self defense is not only easier to learn than any other, but it is also far more practical and advanced in its effectiveness for real-world street self defense application. Every day we see so many people getting conned into paying top dollar for martial arts lessons at local self defense training centers that teach stuff that doesn’t even actually work! Many people wonder: what if I’m not strong enough? What if I’m not fast enough? What if I’m not big enough or athletic enough? These are valid questions and unfortunately traditional martial arts do not have the answers. Neither do Mixed Martial Arts or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We at ICE Urban Combat, on the other hand, have spent years perfecting our fighting system to address these exact concerns. ICE has its roots in the deadly and legendary art of Jeet Kune Do (created by Bruce Lee) and Aiki ju-jitsu. However, our training system has evolved immensely and we have eliminated all the components that don’t work for EVERY person in EVERY street altercation. Our system of self defense training is rooted in principle rather than technique. Our students are encouraged and taught how to build and enhance their skill set through practical drilling so they can apply what they’ve learned in any situation. The mechanical advantages of ICE Urban Combat are so advanced that we’re still shocked as to how other styles haven’t caught on yet.

Martial arts lessons should be geared towards the individual and that is why ICE launched the very first world wide online training center. All students, no matter where they are in the world, have the ability to learn this effective fighting system by progressing at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes. ICE Urban Combat Instructors help students keep pace through their cutting edge video lessons, personalized training routines, live video conferencing for coaching tips, technique pictorial page and much more. Don’t pay outrageous membership prices at local martial arts training centers when you can have top notch training ready at your fingertips from wherever you are! For a limited time, ICE Urban Combat is now offering their online martial arts training membership at a ridiculously low rate.

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When you learn from ICE Urban Combat, you’ll have the confidence that you can end a street fight in five seconds or less.