Urban Combat for Anyone!

by Urb@nComb@t

Urban Combat

Learn Confidence and Skills needed to develop Urban Combat Training Techniques

ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts is an online martial arts training center that provides urban combat training to people across the globe. Brandon and Jared Schmelter, ICE co-creators, have developed a system of self defense that is simplistic, efficient and cut-throat. While we believe everyone should do everything they can to diffuse conflict and avoid street altercations, the simple fact is that there are lots of bad people in this world who will try to harm good people. Street fights are not pretty, they are not fun and they are not fancy like Hollywood movies portray them. Our online martial arts training facility teaches urban combat for one primary reason: to prepare folks from all walks of life to defend themselves or their families when violence comes their way. Most self defense and martial arts schools teach impractical techniques and unrealistic, out-dated philosophies. This instills a false sense of confidence in students’ abilities and a fake sense of what “self defense” really is.

Our teaching philosophies waste no time and directly aim at what personal defense goals should be. Our training methods deliver the most advanced, cutting-edge martial arts skills in the world. Our students learn how to immediately gain the upper hand in a street fight, how to defend themselves in all positions from standing to the ground, how to strike with explosive speed and destructive power and much more. Unlike most martial arts styles, we don’t hold students back because of tradition, rules, physical abilities or restrictions, size or strength. Instead, we empower each student with the confidence and skills needed to develop our urban combat training techniques at their own pace.

Our urban combat roots stem from the deadly art of Jeet Kune Do(as taught by Bruce Lee) and Aiki ju-jitsu. After years and years of teaching, training, testing, tweaking and constantly improving, the ICE Urban Combat system is better suited for violent street altercations than any other style or system of martial arts or self defense. ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts is comprised of the most scientifically sound urban combat techniques and principles. Our students catch on quickly and never look back because our mechanical advantages are easy to understand and even easier to learn. See for yourself by viewing our sample lesson videos.

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When you learn from ICE Urban Combat, you’ll have the confidence that you can end a street fight in five seconds or less.