Online Self Defense

ICE Urban Combat is unlike any other self-defense or martial arts training you’ll find. It’s a blend of the most effective principles and techniques combat disciplines have to offer. Developed over 25 years and taught by martial arts experts and official Jeet Kune Do instructors with Bruce Lee training lineage, ICE Urban Combat is grounded in Jeet Kune Do and Jiu Jitsu. It uses physics – that is, the body’s mechanical advantages – to overpower an opponent, regardless of his size, strength, fighting skills or method of approach.

The result is an incredibly efficient, comprehensive and ever-evolving fighting system. ICE Urban Combat gives you tested, real-world fighting skills and the confidence you need to immediately and violently shut down any opponent in any situation. We call this the science of street fighting.

The answer to this question could literally be made into a book. But to keep it simple for you, there are basically four primary categories of martial arts systems in the world. Although there are thousands of styles around the globe, we can mostly fit each of them into one of these categories:

Traditional Martial Arts (the most common) This category includes countless styles from all around the world, including various types of Karate, Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu, etc. While many of these arts can offer something useful, none of them is complete due to the fact that they are too concerned with adhering to tradition rooted in their style and doing things a certain way just because it’s been done that way for hundreds or thousands of years. These arts tend to make the practitioner too classical and robotic, not allowing for natural fluid movements of the human body. Most of these arts claim that they can prepare you for real-life self-defense, which just simply is not true. Traditional martial arts are mostly effective as a fun, recreational activity. They just simply cannot prepare you for real-world combat.

Mixed Martial Arts (the latest trend) This category includes a hybrid version of several traditional arts, most especially Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Western Boxing. Mixed Martial Arts are designed for sport and competition, needing to abide by rules and regulations. While many MMA gyms and instructors claim to be able to teach self-defense for the streets, the reality is that they cannot. For if they could, they wouldn’t constantly be training with a limited skill set and preparing to fight people their own body weight. In a real street altercation, there are no referees, no weight classes, no timed rounds, no safety gear and most certainly no rules. However, many mixed martial artists are incredible athletes and would fare much better in a street attack than students of most other martial arts. But ultimately, the average tough guy or criminal on the street wont’ be phased by fancy head kicks and over-complicated grappling moves. While the MMA guy is trying to apply some intricate ground maneuver, the attacker is busy smashing his face in while his buddy kicks him in the back of the head. Now what? This is not a ring or cage. This is real life.

Military and/or Law Enforcement based Self-Defense (the “street” stuff….. or so they say) This category contains primarily military and law enforcement systems like Krav Maga and Russian Systema, as well as the numerous online “self-defense” programs floating around out there. Their philosophy is to teach only pure self-defense, not traditional martial arts. Their claims are definitely true. However, their fundamental, and often times detrimental, flaw lies in the fact that they really don’t have or teach any real martial arts skill and adaptability. Their approach is more so one of “if someone attacks you this way, then use this technique…. and if someone attacks you that way, use that technique.” The problem with such an approach is that you’ll need flash cards with you to remember each “deadly” or “lethal” technique to use for any given attack. Due to the lack of a real skill-set, fluidity and martial arts prowess, this category relies heavily on aggression, size, strength and the element of surprise. Well… what if the attacker is bigger than you, stronger than you, more aggressive than you, and totally not surprised by your “tactics”? Now what? That is why these systems fail time after time. You just have to get past all their elaborate and dishonest sales pitches to see this.

ICE “Self Offense” Martial Arts This is where we come in. Ever evolving martial arts knowledge and skills combined with the mentality of one(and only one) clear-cut purpose: to absolutely shut down any opponent in a dangerous, life-threatening, real-world street altercation. Our fighting system is based entirely on science and physics, all while applying the attitude and philosophy of true martial arts, the way they were really meant to be…. mind and body working together, naturally, in order to survive. Influenced by some of the world’s most efficient and effective fighting methods and concepts, most especially the rare and highly coveted art of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts is a total and complete fighting system. This system is designed to not only destroy the street criminal, but also to negate the effectiveness of other forms of martial art. And that’s crucial in today’s world because your potential attackers may have a background in martial arts training. So you’d better be ready to overwhelm them. You need the mechanical advantages to shut them down. You need ICE Urban Combat. Efficient. Explosive. Destructive. With ICE you’ll learn how to think and fight DIFFERENTLY

Our fighting system is not a system of self “defense.” But rather we train and teach self OFFENSE. We don’t believe in approaching any situation with the passive mentality of being the victim. That kind of thinking is outdated and instantly gives the attacker the advantage, regardless of your skill level or years of training. Think about it: your opponent isn’t thinking passively or defensively, so why the hell would you? We know that having an aggressive mindset can put us in the driver’s seat instantaneously. You must attack the attacker. Make the hunter become the hunted. This goes beyond just an attitude. It also filters into our techniques and physical movements. Every move we make is designed to be as efficient and destructive as possible. There is no beating around the bush. There is no blocking. There are no passive moves whatsoever. From the very first moment of the attack, we take back the upper hand. We own the advantages. Self OFFENSE.

Simply put, there is no comparison whatsoever. MMA is a fighting method designed to compete in a sport or game scenario. ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts is designed to violently end any street-fight. We don’t do well with referees and rules. And we certainly don’t shake hands with the opponent when it’s over. Besides, our opponent won’t be awake anyways.

Because if you are unprepared, then you are walking around with a target on your back. How will you protect yourself? Your wife? Your kids? Bad things DO happen to good people. Do something about it! Nearly all martial arts and self-defense programs claim that they can prepare you for a real-life altercation. The sad truth is that most of them cannot. They teach you complicated, fancy, flawed techniques and movements that likely won’t do anything but get you hurt or possibly even killed. ICE Urban Combat reconditions instincts, therefore enabling you to react, move and fight with total efficiency and overwhelming precision, timing, speed and power. With ICE you’ll learn to think and fight DIFFERENTLY.

Yes! Our goal is to give you an experience that’s as close as you can get to learning from us face-to-face. Not everyone can make it to our LA facility or attend our seminars and training events. That’s why we created the next best thing. Our easy-to-follow self offense online system offers high definition personal lesson videos and step-by-step routines to reproduce the instruction you’d get at our facility. For support, you’ll also get access to instructors and peers through our online forum. And you can even sign up for one-on-one feedback on your progress to help reach your goals even faster. ICE Urban Combat online training center WILL provide you with the knowledge, training drills and guidance to better prepare you for the dangers of the real world. But YOU must put in the work. Never forget: the way we train is the way we’ll react.