ICE Urban Combat is always ahead of the rest. Check out our martial arts videos and see for yourself. These are just very small samples of what you will be learning through our premier online martial arts training center. Keep in mind, the martial arts videos and training demo videos are not the only method of instruction through our online membership. We have perfected methods of delivering instruction via the premier website that will greatly enhance your street fighting skills and “self offense” education. Brandon and Jared Schmelter of ICE Urban Combat spent years perfecting their system into the “science of street fighting,” and it is now available to the world through streamlined, user-friendly video instruction. They have trained with the prominent proteges of Bruce Lee, learning the self-defense skills that can overturn a situation on the street. You need not even travel to a training center for learning Jeet Kune Do as you can use videos for training at your time of convenience. Instructors try to impart the intent of the art that keeps them apart from many others who claim to train people in the self-defense system.

Joint Locks to Quick Finishes

Large Arm Locks: The Basics

Interception Striking

Body Positioning and Mobility

Destroying Barriers: Power Trapping

Aggressive Punch Evasion

Dominating with the Lead Hand

Intercepting with the Hook Punch

Utilizing Close Range Elbows

Cross Arm Bar From Your Back

Offense from your Back

Hip Throws: The Basics